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Element is a web-based tool that identifies over-represented motifs across groups of promoters. Numerous plant genomes are already available online to be run against. If you don't see your genome of interest, feel free to suggest that we add it. Alternatively, you can download (soon) the standalone command line version of element and run it on your own data.

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Multi-genome Element

Over the past few months, Element has seen perpetual revisions. Now, the newest version of Element is available for online use in preparation for a new publication. Several key improvements to Element have been made:

  • Completely written in C++, so it is much faster and more stable.
  • Supports scanning clusters of promoters originating from distinct background with different statistics.
  • Results are automatically summarized into clusters. Clustering can be adjusted dynamically to give results greater or lesser granularity as desired.

Version 2.0 of Element has been released.

There have been significant updates to the original release of element. The underlying analysis philosophy is similar, but there have been significant improvements to how the computation is carried out. In particular, this allows us to maintain a much larger set of genomes. If you used the original Element, you may notice that the default filtering is much stronger, which in turn dramatically reduces the number of false positives.

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If you have any problems with Element or would like to make a suggestion, send us an email at